The challenge

The challenge

The contact points between the cyclist and his/her bike are of utmost importance, and in the most ideal case human, race shoe and bicycle merge to become a real unit in order to most effectively and sustainably transmit the applied power to propulsion. That is the theory. In fact the necessary tight and compact fitting of the shoe often requires compromises as to the perfect and comfortable fit. At times this is even accompanied by unpleasant side effects like burning feet or numbness.

CRX fastening system

CRX fastening system

Your feet are held in the perfect position for power transmission thanks to the CRX fastening system without causing a feeling of narrowing. Two crossing broad ribbons over the instep spread the necessary fastening pressure pleasantly across the most important foot zones. The technical straps are arrested by means of a rotating and fine adjustable fast-lacing system. Besides the desired power transmission also a holistic feeling of wellbeing is allowed.

High-quality material

High-quality material

For PRIMO we use soft natural leather combined with innovative material which adjust to your feet according to functional requirements. This way a noticeable comfort and the desired performance optimization are achieved.

Carbon Sole

Carbon Sole

The stiffness of the carbon-fiber sole transforms the maximum efforts into pedaling force. The anti-slide solution made of rubber allows you to walk safe when off the bike. An additional hard-rubber enhancement protects the carbon sole when walking. The ventilation system allows the heat produced by pedaling to release.


  • Hard-wearing wires

    Wires made of high-tech materials are extremely resistant and can be easily changed if necessary

  • Comfortable walk

    Hard rubber heels for easy walk. Can be easily replaced if necessary

  • Direct contact to your feet

    An extremely thin tongue allows direct contact between feet and shoe without feeling of compulsion.

  • Climate control

    Vent holes on the forefront as well as on the side and in the sole for optimal climate control.

  • Moisture regulation

    An open-cell lining for improved moisture absorption

  • Safety reflector

    Large reflective insert on the heel to be effectively noticed at dawn or night.

  • Slip-resistance

    Anti-skid protection on the lining to assure fast hold of your heel in every situation

  • Fine adjustments

    The Velcro strap and the elastic on the forefront allow fine individual adjustments.

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Personal Experience

made just for you

It is our mission to create the best cycling show on this planet. With the use of 3D scanning technology we can individualize PRIMO to fit your feet perfectly.

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