Andrea Rovaris : Gegen alle Widerstände

Andrea Rovaris : My strive to prevail. Against the odds

Andrea Rovaris : My strive to prevail. Against the odds

Last week I was making a breakaway and, with better chances, I could have won. A flat tire deprived me of my victory, just when I was at my best! I almost sobbed like a little child.......

Yet, as hard as it was to swallow all this, I learned another lesson. If not now, then it will be my time soon.

Another Sunday ahead, another race for me and I had another go!This time, with all the odds on my side, I brought that sweet victory home! It was well worth the wait!

You might be wondering what my lesson was all about. Well.....Never despair and embrace each second you spend striving to fulfill your dreams!

Each day the distance between me and my goals gets shorter and I celebrate every effort towards it!

Andrea Rovaris races with e-vers cycling shoes.


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