Bike fitting. Brauche ich so was? von Karla Sommer

Bike fitting. Brauche ich so was? von Karla Sommer

Bike fitting. Brauche ich so was? von Karla Sommer
I'm an old hand. There is no doubt about that. I've been on the road for 25 years now. And not only that: the number of bicycles I have sold to happy customers is considerable. So why should I, of all people, let myself be shown how to sit properly on the bike? I don't need something like that.
Or maybe you do?
I anticipate the result: It was an aha-experience.
It may have been February that I followed the call of Trionik in Hamburg: a bike fitting lottery. I was a bit curious, but also sure that the probability of being one of the winners was rather zero. I've never won anything in a competition before. However, the message that I won was in my mailbox two weeks later! While the cycling world was lolling in front of the TV to watch Paris-Roubaix, I was on my way to Trionik. Leana gave me a warm welcome and offered me a coffee. First prize! Coffee is always good! But that's only on the side... Leana had the support of Frank Robben from the bicycle house Langbehn in Wedel that day, who developed this fitting program. They asked questions, recorded data: How long I've been cycling, how I feel on my bike and what my goals are for this season. They measured: inside leg length, height, arm length and shoulder width.
And I was already sitting on the bike. Leana filmed me with the tablet from behind and from the side. I heard Frank's comments and was surprised. Because the maestro quickly judged: "I wasn't sitting well on the bike at all. The view of the video recordings exposed mercilessly: The kick was not round! I beg your pardon? Me of all people? The innumerable customers at the personal training reminded of the round kick. The praise of my youth coaches which still echoed in my ears evaporated with a blow!
It was something quite banal: First, the saddle was too high and we screwed it down a whole centimetre. Secondly, the plates under my shoes were incorrectly adjusted, and we corrected them by a full 20 degrees. The measurement of the shoe position is not without effort.
Leana measured my feet, stuck some funny dots on my shoes and readjusted the plates using the markings and a template.
My saddle has also been readjusted: 3 degrees down. Sounds little. But it's a lot. My seat problems are extinguished. The videos showed undoubtedly that - see there: a much calmer and a rounder pedal stroke had adjusted.
After all: With the angle measurement of the knee and with the control with a perpendicular whether I have a good seat over the bottom bracket and whether the angle of the upper body is correct, everything fit.
All the more astonishing: I am an old hand. But I learned a lot on this Paris-Roubaix day. About supposed little things. And the fact that you should never be sure of what you know.

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