Guy Jones: Rennen nach Rennen werden Träume wahr.

Guy Jones: Ride by ride, dreams come true

Guy Jones: Ride by ride, dreams come true

Cycling journeys for young athlete and British Cycling coach educator GuyJones are proving buzzing! Guy, who recently turned 18, is a talented young cyclist, committed to be a professional racer.

His promising first year has been boosting his continuous training and, being a fighter and a perfectionist, he is a perfect emblem of energy, passion and perseverance!

One of his goals was to endorse his favourite cycling shoes brand, our E-vers racing shoes! He shares our passion and love for technology as well as genuine, authentic quality!

Guy got in touch with us in late Summer and, due to production timing, he needed to be patient and his e-shoes were delivered at the end of his birthday celebration! Guy’s smile speaks a thousand words! and Insta @guy_jones9

Congratulations Guy Jones, enjoy each ride! Proud to be part of your race each day!


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