Neuer Trend: Service!

New Trend: Service!

New Trend: Service!

The booming online business, on the other hand, is fuelling the trend to take time for the user again. Offline. Not via a chat or call center, but in a personal conversation! The personal dialogue, the striving for the best solution for the athlete gains style and charm in times of information overflow that very often confuses more than helps.

Anamnesis, analysis, recommendation and trial. Taking time in a time that has no time is the new luxury. We contribute to a sustainable increase in the satisfaction of a purchase decision. Together with our partners.

The customers like it...when are you standing in line?

#pullbacknotdown #lesspainmorepower #enjoytheride #CRX

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  • Neil Nash Williams

    working in a people/ service industry, the appreciation you get from clients who crave interaction with a real person not a computer is palpable , they relax and start to enjoy the moment, this needs to be developed into a key selling point of retail stands a chance of surviving #enjoypeople 😃

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