Yesterday we stayed in the factory, keeping in our hands the 4th prototype of Evers. After more than 12 months of work, brainstorming, trials and error, I felt like: we are very close to the final stage of development.

First impression
First feel was very good, when I put on the shoes. Fantastic. This was exactly what I hoped to experience from the very beginning.

Going for the premiere ride
Coming back yesterday night, I had to test them immediately this morning. For sure it was raining cats and dogs, when I started, but it couldn’t stop me. On the roads, which I took, I met just a couple of BMW prototypes (as there is a development center of BMW close by where I live) and I felt like: all important developers are on the road testing stuff, which will change the future…good feeling!

After 75 minutes I was completely wet, but also very satisfied, with what I experienced with the new construction we invented. No doubt, this is a real innovation. No Marketing gimmick!

Ah, you want to know, what the innovation is all about? Just have a look at the picture at the top. More infos to follow soon!


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