Sommet: außergewöhnliches Radfahren

Sommet: exceptional cycling

Sommet: exceptional cycling

We met Nick Frendo in Girona in front of an early morning coffee at La Fabrica. He is not only at home there, he makes you feel at home. That´s his attitude. He is the owner of Sommet Cycling: curated cycling trips, lead by experts. We are proud he is riding e-vers.
J: “How did you get to start it?”
N: “I started three years after working for a larger travel company, that got a bit soulless, sportives and chasing pro races isn't my thing. I feel like cycling is the best way to see somewhere, turning that corner on a mountain and a completely new view opening up, looking down on the world at the top of an epic climb, sharing those moments and creating memories for people is why I do this.

J: “Nick, what does Sommet Cycling means to you?

N: “Sommet Cycling is about the journey, the experiences, not how fast you can get up, down or over something. Our trips are more then just Strava hunting and col ticking. We ride and we ride together. We visit and immerse, the people, the food the culture, we want to show you it all. Our guests say it best

We admire what Nick is doing and look forward to the next journey!


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