Die Kraft der Leidenschaft - von Anne Subklew

The Power of Passion - by Anne Subklew

The Power of Passion - by Anne Subklew

It all started in 2007 as my father said: “Come on Anni, let´s ride at “Heavy 24 in Chemnitz”. I never trained before but I enjoyed it so much and I even make the podium! I got immediately into the mood and into the race fever: I was doing really well! I was excited, motivated and full of plans on my bike.

But in 2010 I got sick with an autoimmune disease. Why me? Why now?

Questions, anger, pain. It went from bad to worse for years, till 2014 after an operation I could finally train again…..but from the beginning. I needed to change my lifestyle completely. I worked hard on myself and regained my shape. I know this disease brings ups and downs, bad seasons and good seasons but I have learned how important it is to have a positive attitude. I love to win, but if I don´t enjoy the race there is no point in doing it. Yes I fight, but for what I really like and not to every price.

I started with MTB and then discover the passion for Road Cycling, it makes so much fun! I love to ride with my e-vers shoes, they fit perfectly to my feet and they accompany me everywhere.

I am proud and happy to be part of the team and want to tell every cyclist that road bike is more than races and podium. You are successful when you ride with passion and love for this amazing sport.


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