In Hamburg gewinnen - Karla Sommer

Winning in Hamburg - Karla Sommer

Winning in Hamburg - Karla Sommer

August 2017. Karla is racing with E-VERS shoes. She wins. She tells us how it feels:

Racing in your home town is always something special.
You know friends and family are next to the track and you want to make them proud and give something back, as they spend their day off at the race, watching you.
This year the Battle in Hamburg was very exiting for me.
First because it was the first Battle with my new shoes, especially in this format, it is important that you have a really tight and stiff shoe. Second I was feeling quite weak for a while and I was afraid not to be strong enough for this though race with all the time sprinting from 0 to 60 km/h in 200 meters.
Last but not least, I still had this open bill with one of the girls: I bet her in Koblenz in a photo finish while she already thought she made it and wanted to raise her hands.
So of course it came to the point where we had to race against each other and I was really afraid that I am not gonna make it.
The first 100m we were really on the same level but I forced myself to push harder and that was the last bit I needed to win this semi-final.
After that, the final was "easy". I had gained back my self-confidence and could believe in my strength. Luckily I had some really good friends persuading me, to believe in myself.
But the best of the day was to see my family waiting for me at the final, the winner-kiss of the little one and knowing they will be at the reward ceremony and be proud.

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