About us

Our self-understanding

We are passionate athletes and have been around in the world of sports for many years. Our professional expertise and experiences are particularly pronounced in the area of shoes & sportswear.

Our incentive and motivation is to continuously seek ideas for a better world – in the areas where we are active. What we do at e-vers represents confident-building values which are very important to us: quality, honesty sustainability and passion.

We want to create new impulses, create unique added value for our customers and to make a difference in the market which goes far beyond the product itself.

Our approach

Because of the fast and globally developing product range in the market, a constant abundance is created, resources are wasted and the environment is polluted.

On the one hand this may be caused by our purchasing patterns, but primarily by the – in our opinion absolutely anachronistic - way we develop, sell and produce products.

But while consumers are recently returning to the values of high-quality work of the last decades, a similar development in the production processes cannot really be detected if a larger amount of a single item is concerned.

Our services

The technologies available today allow us to revive long-proven quality and to create valuable product, with a completely new approach.

In the combination „handcraft meets technology“ we offer innovative concepts keeping with the times:

  • Demand-oriented marketing
  • Personalized products
  • A production close to the market
  • Utilization of renewable resources

Thank you very much for accompanying us on this exciting path!

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