How to fit e-vers cycling shoes?

e-vers cycling shoes offer a supportive, comfortable fit when properly sized. To determine your shoe size:

• Measure your feet with a 3D scanner at your local e-vers dealer

• or reference your current cycling shoes as a starting point for sizing.

• allow for some variance based on your personal preference. Please note that we also offer half sizes.

• If you have a wide foot or a high instep, you may want to consider PRIMO ID version, which are made on your personal last to accommodate your feet.

• It is important to try shoes on prior purchase whenever possible, to ensure the best fit and comfort. e-vers authorized dealers can help you to determine the best size and fit based on your personal needs.

How to determine your size:
Place both of your feet on a piece of paper and trace around them. Measure both foot lengths. The length of the longer foot is the value relevant for determining your shoe size in the table. If your measurements fall in between two sizes, we recommend you order the next larger size.

How do I open/close the e-vers shoes

1. To open the e-vers Primo turn twist grip in direction “loose” till unlocking is hearable
2. To enter, widen gently the instep with both hands. Then move tongue forward and slip into the e-vers shoes.
3. To close apply both straps, then turn twist grip in direction “tight”
4. To finish move both straps for slight adjustments if needed.

Also check our video how to open and close

Which pedals are compatible with e-vers shoes?

e-vers shoes have been designed to be compatible with the most popular cleat systems for the type of riding they are intended for. To ensure compatibility, please read the instructions provided with your clipless pedals to confirm specifications and proper installation, maintenance recommendations and adjustment of the cleat and pedal system.Speedplay pedals need an adaptor, if used with e-vers shoes.

How to clean and care for e-vers shoes?

One of the many joys of leather is that with a little care your e-vers will just get to look better and better and will offer many miles of performance. In fact, leather is far more durable and will look better for longer, than any synthetic material. Just follow some simple rules.
• To clean shoes covered in mud, dirt or road grime, wipe them clean with a damp sponge or cloth.
• When wet, stuff the shoes with newspaper and allow to dry naturally away from direct heat. Do not expose your shoes to extreme heat. Using a fire, radiator, blow dryer or other heat source to dry your shoes can damage them and void warranty.
• As needed, clean with shoe brushes, apply a good quality shoe polish and watch your shoes become even more beautiful.
• We recommend natural shoe polish to be applied in tiny quantity with a sponge.
• Do not use strong detergents or abrasive pads or brushes
• Never clean shoes in the washing machine.
• Shoes and pedals may not engage properly in cleats that are dirty or worn. Regularly check cleats and cleat area for dirt or debris and replace worn cleats as needed or recommended by pedal manufacturer.

Can I replace small parts of my shoes?

We offer replacement kits for Atop closure system as well as for the cables. Please check our video how to exchange the kit. We also offer replacement parts for heel rubber, if worn out. You can order these parts through your local authorized e-vers dealer, or through our customer service at info@e-vers.com . Note that you should only use e-vers replacement parts, since other parts can void the warranty on your shoes.

What is the warranty policy for e-vers shoes?

e-vers cycling shoes are intended for cycling. This limited warranty is made only to the original purchaser of cycling shoes. It is not transferable, and is void to any subsequent owner. e-vers cycling shoes are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. e-vers will, at its option, replace or repair defective shoes. To receive warranty service, within two years the original owner must return the shoes to an authorized e-vers dealer along with the original sales receipt.

This warranty does not cover defects, damage, malfunctions, or failures resulting from abuse, neglect, improper assembly of the pedal or pedal cleat, improper maintenance, alteration, collision, or a crash.

Which kind of payment options are available?

You can pay via advanced payment with bank transfer, credit cards or with Paypal.