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Adjusted to your feet

The PRIMO ID is adjusted to your individual foot. For this purpose we use the most modern 3D scan technology with which your foot is measured in all its dimensions accurate to the millimeter. Such data allows us to produce your personal set of last. In the technical production process the last ensures that material and construction correctly corresponds your foot measurements.

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3D Scanning des Fußes

Step 1 - 3D Scan

Have your feet scanned at one of our authorized trade agents, who will individually support you in your personal goals. E-vers dealers are experienced cycling specialist.

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e-vers Primo ID Test

Step 2 - fitting

Just try on a model shoe your size and see which expectations you can have towards your PRIMO ID. You have the chance to experience the unique CRX closing system

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Step 3 - Order

Your order is processed with your exact measures, your feedback and your answers to a short questionnaire.

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Step 4 – Production

When ordering, all relevant data will also pass into the manufacturing process. Such manufacturing process begins with the production of an individual last, ensuring that the material used and the construction of the PRIMO ID correspond your foot. The last is then send to our Italian manufacturer, who manufacturers your PRIMO ID in a quality-assured manufacturing process and applying high-quality materials. 4 to 5 weeks are required.

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Step 5 - Collection

Your authorized agent will inform you immediately as soon as your shoe has arrived. Experience the unique fit and the inimitable feeling when your transfer your power on into the street. We welcome your feedback!

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You cannot order your PRIMO ID online.

First order: 699,00 € (suggested retail price)
Each additional pair: 499,00 € (suggested retail price)

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Standard size

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You cannot order your PRIMO ID online. But you can order the PRIMO on a standard size at our web shop

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